You Think That Money Can Buy Woman’s Love: Amazing Truth

You are right and wrong simultaneously

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Love. This is a powerful human feeling. We all want to love and be loved. In a perfect world, we want to connect with women or men and be happy forever. But in today's reality love might be misused or even dangerous. What women worth your time and which are money-hunters?

Two Women Types You Should Know

As you already read there are 2 types of women:

1. “Real women” who want love and be loved

They are not interested in your money, status, where you work, etc. They are real persons with shining soul.

This type of women is high-level moral, they are ready to work, create a family. Also, it is important for them to make real friends. Why you should consider this type of woman? The short answer is they are reliable.

When you select “real women” that means you select your life partner who will always support you in any situation. If you will be ill, she is ready to help you feel better as quickly as she can. When you lost your job, she will support you and propose her help, she is ready to work and does not afraid of it.

In other words, “real woman” is someone who won`t leave you when the hard situation will come to her partner. Instead, she will do everything that is possible and more. This is a win-win partnership as well.

2. “Money-hunters”

This type of woman is concentrated on money, property, and everything related to it. They do not need real love and their moral aspect usually is not the best thing about them.

What they are looking for in life? Frequently, “money-hunters” are “fast-career“ people who have 10–15 years to earn everything that she needs for her life. Why 10–15 years? Until these women are young they are popular. But when they become older, their beauty will disappear. In some way, they are sprinters who are limited in their time.

OK, so why people consider such women as their partners? That is a good question. Unfortunately, people care more about how a partner looks rather than the soul inside. “Money-hunters” use their beauty as the main tool to attract their partners.

And yes, I am not wrong saying, “partners” instead of “partner”. These women want more money, so they may date or live with multiple partners simultaneously. That means more money, property and expensive presents for them.

If you select this type of woman, be ready for surprises. You will own a beautiful lady sure. But once your money will shortage, you will lose her.

Be Aware of Women Who Will Ask You About Your Money

I suppose that you already know that you shouldn`t select “money-hunters”. So when you will hear multiple questions on how much you are earning or which property do you own, this will be signals for you to not continue relationships.

Men are wrong when telling that all women want rich guys and more money. Yes, it is a pleasure to receive gifts, live in amazing homes, etc. But you know the truth? We do not need it at all!

If you select “real woman” she will be happy to live in any place with any income, because she selected and loved you for just being yourself. There are no hidden secrets or tricks.

All those women want is love, attention, and kindness. When partners have these qualities, they will be happy. And that`s the whole truth. Do not make it more complicated and find keys to women's hearts with your money. It is a big mistake.

On the other hand, if you select “money-hunter” woman type, be ready to boost your income over and over again. Do not expect real feelings and long relationship. Your relationships will be over very soon. And that is a pity reality.

Real Love Doesn`t Need Money

So what will happen with you if you selected real love? Should you worry about something? Absolutely not. And what interesting here, you can concentrate your attention on hobbies, and share your interest with your partner.

That is so cool when you feel free and confident with your second half. You can share anything with her and not worry about being blamed or ashamed. You can experiment with your ideas, life, business, etc.

The important thing is trust only. Money can`t do it for you. Only you can. If you lose trust, then it will be really hard to back it again. Sometimes even not possible.

To avoid such a situation, love truly as it is your golden key to a happy life which will be the best experience that you will have.


Women are not predictable human beings, but still, they are 2 types. Some of them are trustful and some have money priorities for their life. If you want to live a happy life, forget about money and select real feelings over artificial momentum beauty. This will make your life happy and peaceful.

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