What Jobs You Should Select to Earn $80000 in Coronavirus Time

It is time to think about your job from a new perspective

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It is time to think about your job. Whether you are a student and just plan to start your career or a reliable specialist, you always try to earn as much as possible.

If you have a good job, it means you can afford apartments, eat well, buy what you want, travel, etc. Sometimes life brings to your everyday routine surprises.

In 2020 such surprise was Coronavirus. A lot of people lost their jobs. Also, some people changed one position to another. Life situations make you do changes you don`t expect.

I propose a list of jobs that allow you to earn $80,000 or more by Make It research. Also, it provides a short description of the requirements for each of them, so you will be aware of what employers need.

This information will be helpful if you are looking for a new job or want to change your current one. Let`s dive and review all of them. I am sure you will find your new job already today.

Physical Therapist

Health was always important. It is good to be strong and healthy. In the Coronavirus period, it became trendy. Many people are interested in improving their health, so it is an excellent time to dive into this specialty.

As a physical therapist, you will diagnose and treat patients with health conditions that limit their ability to move and perform everyday activities. You will help restore their physical function and mobility.

Also, you will work to promote overall wellness and boost people’s quality of life. It is a fantastic opportunity to improve the quality of other`s people lives.

Salary: $84,020

Projected hiring growth by 2024: 34%

Financial Advisor

Financing is a grammar for your life. It is essential to plan your funding to know your budget abilities. Budgeting is everything for the company’s household. To use your budget productively, people hire financial advisors.

A financial advisor provides financial planning and support. With his/her help, you achieve financial goals. Financial advisors maintain people`s budgets as necessary/desired.

These tasks require adherence to ethics, best practices, and pre-established financial plans. If you love calculations and work with analytics, this job is for you.

Salary: $89,160

Projected hiring growth by 2024: 30%

Information Security Analyst

Information is something you read, search, get every day. If someone reveals your information without your permission, you feel frustrated. To keep sensitive information, safe is a task for an information security analyst.

The security analyst plays a vital role in keeping personal or company information secure. This role allows specialists to work inter-departmentally to find and correct flaws in systems.

Security analyst also provides solutions on how to protect the data based on the received information. These measures will secure the system from future problems.

Salary: $90,120

Projected hiring growth by 2024: 18%

Medical Services Manager

Helping other people is a great thing. Mostly it is incredible in pandemic time. You are doing this not only for money but for humanity.

If you are interested in helping and saving other people`s lives, a medical service manager would be a perfect fit for this goal.

The medical services manager is responsible for coordinating and ensuring the smooth implementation that patients receive and providers administer effective care.

The flexibility of this work includes work at any level. It might be an office, a department, a specialization, a facility, or an entire healthcare network.

Salary: $94,500

Projected hiring growth by 2024: 17%

Business Manager

You like leadership and want to be responsible for essential tasks. You are looking for the ability to be involved in complicated processes with a lot of discussions.

It sounds like the role of a business manager is an excellent fit for the skills you have.

The role of a business manager is to lead a company’s operations and employees. There is a list of tasks that includes improving productivity and efficiency. It consists of the company strategy, control over employees’ duties, and more.

Salary: $97,730

Projected hiring growth by 2024: 7%

Software Engineer

Programming is trending nowadays. If you like to think logically, create a strategy for building different things from scratch or even invent something, you should consider the software engineer role.

As a software engineer, you`ll work in a changing environment. The primary knowledge is code. It helps you to build, test, and improve products. There are dozens of programming languages.

According to business goals, you`ll create products with unique functionality. The programming languages always update and bring new options. So this job requires always be up-to-date.

Salary: $100,690

Projected hiring growth by 2024: 17%

Data scientist

How do people predict success? When it is a great time to apply particular actions to get X goal, were you ever interested in it? Maybe not the information itself, but how to store and use it. Take a look at the data scientist role.

What precisely do the data scientists do? In short, they collect and analyze information from databases. Once they receive the data, they are looking for rules that might change the total approach.

Specialists use these results to create strategies and forecasts for companies. Also, they provide solutions for each of the plans and perfect time.

Essential knowledge is coding knowledge, which might be difficult for someone in the beginning. But once you learn it, results pay off.

Salary: $128,240

Projected hiring growth by 2024: 16%

Final Thoughts

Your job is a secure way to protect your life and health. You can work in an office for a company or be a freelancer. The main point of view here that you have a job, so it means you are safe.

With my seven different types of jobs that pay over 80k, it would be easier for you to decide what specialty to select. They are different from each other.

Once you have selected your goals, it is time to implement them in the jobs mentioned before. It is fantastic when you have a favorite position and personal goals combined into one. Start your work journey today!

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