Hi, my name is Olha Bahaieva. I’m a Lead UX/UI designer at Dish, a founder of UX Designers Club, a freelancer at Toptal, a writer, and a public speaker.

I have built beautiful and user-centered products for modern businesses for over 8 years.

My career didn’t start from UX or UI design. I learned about interior and architecture in mid-2010. It was a time when I thought that I’m going to create physical spaces and work with architecture.

After university graduation, I started my interior design career, and learned how people interact with physical space. Here you can see one of the interior design projects I worked on.

It was a hotel with multiple design solutions for the hall, room numbers, etc. My major tool was 3ds Max at that moment.

But very soon I realized that working with physical space isn’t secure. If you make a mistake, the building might be destroyed and people will be injured or even die.

This was the major trigger for why I decided to make my first switch in my career. I wanted to stay in the design but found an alternative direction. When I designed interiors, I really loved to apply graphic skills to present my ideas on a high level.

I participated in design contests on 99designs, got a top-level designer (the highest design level on the platform), and won a few contests. Finally, my Behance portfolio gained my first graphic works and I got a position at the design agency.

After a while, the agency tried to push me into a web design direction which was hard for me at that moment. Many of my friends already worked in the tech industry, so I was curious to join them.

In a short period of time, I learned the basics of UI and luckily joined another company that fully focused on Web design. It was my second career switch.

I already got used to my switches and dreamed about getting to my dream profession — UX/UI design. I wanted to be a hybrid designer who creates amazing apps, dashboards, and complex web products.

So during my work, I started self-education and learned UX theory along with practicing knowledge on the practice. Finally, I have become who I am today — UX/UI Designer.

Today, I’m a human-centered designer, problem solver, and innovator. The author of design courses with 1M+ views worldwide on the Education Ecosystem.

I have focused on UX/UI, designing how people interact with their digital spaces. I craft intuitive and impactful solutions through user research, UX strategy, prototyping.

I took second place in the Telegram Redesign Challenge on Uplabs and continue to look for more opportunities to grow as a UX/UI designer.

Here’s how I can help you:

I can work one-on-one with you or work with your company.

If you’d like to work together on a business partnership, please contact me at bahaieva dot olha (at) gmail dot com. This is my business email address.

As an active design member, I would love to be a speaker and guest at design and tech events. Here is a list of my public activities:

In 2020, I founded the UX Designers Club publication on Medium.

My design-focused publication is for anyone who wants to learn about design, gain experience, build case studies, or read anything related to design.

I believe that helping people is important. I want to build a powerful community interested in helping each other, providing value, and staying up-to-date with the latest news about our industry.

Any other questions? Let me know in the comments!

Happy designing and writing,


Medium member since April 2020
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