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Olha Bahaieva

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Olha Bahaieva
Olha Bahaieva
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About Me

Hello, my name is Olha Bahaieva. I’m a Senior UX/UI designer, a content creator, and a public speaker. I build beautiful and user-centered products for modern businesses for over 7 years.

This article gives you a better sense of who I am and what I can do for you.

You can find more of my content on:

User experience matters, so companies treat AI today more than ever before

woman stands near to innovative systems
woman stands near to innovative systems
Photo by Christina Morillo: Pexels

Smart systems provide us a better life experience, so they‘ll continue to develop in the future. From smartphones to smart homes, we depend on them. But what sets these brain-powered products apart from the ordinary ones? How does AI help improve your life?

When you think about AI, you probably remember Skynet and dramatic Terminator scenes where machines rule the earth. But that’s not what we have now. AI isn’t a threat to humanity.

AI is a clever machine making your life easier and more convenient. So you might actually be happy about it.

“All the world’s tech giants from…

Design trends are changing with AI enhancement.

Artificial intelligence
Artificial intelligence
Image by Pexels. Edited by author.

Design trends are coming and going, and UX designers always read the latest news about what is trending today. AI is the most talking and influential trend in 2021.

Just as we’re on the verge of becoming obsolete, artificial intelligence is pushing us further down the job ladder. Where do designers go from here? UX designers need to know about Google’s latest AI and machine learning breakthroughs to learn about industry changes.

AI will allow machines to create their own worlds and interact with people without human help. …

Your design process requires solid user research.

Image by Pexels

It’s difficult, if not impossible, to create a product without understanding the audience's needs. That’s where user research comes in.

User research is the learning process to understand what users want and need from a design. Designers need to ensure they create user-centered products. But not all user research methods are equal.

“The number of respondents who conduct user research on competitors more than doubled year-over-year.” — Steve Olenski in Forbes

User research isn’t easy. And it’s costly to get it right. User research is something companies pay for, but what if you aren’t a company? How would you conduct…

“Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.” — Back to the Future.

men drives a futuristic car
men drives a futuristic car
Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko: Pexels

The first electric Tesla car was released in 2008. Many people believed that the future is near. Roadster became the first fully electric car model made by Tesla. This innovative solution became widely popular in the last 5 years.

I remember myself as a teenager watching the “Back to the Future” movie. My biggest dream was to have my own DeLorean after 10 years. No, I didn't want to move in time, though it’s interesting. My dream was to have a flying car.

When Tesla released their first electric car, I believed my dream would become true. …

Think extraordinary

designer is looking on Mac and working with mouse
designer is looking on Mac and working with mouse
Photo by Karolina Grabowska: Pexels

When you’re looking for a new design project, have you thought about your brand? The client or company wants to hire a high-level professional with achievements. It means you need to show your accomplishments.

The Get Noticed to Get Ahead research talks about personal brand importance. Authors examined outcomes of personal branding and found that a career achievement aspiration was the strongest predictor of engaging in personal branding.

Working as a UX designer, it might be hard to build a powerful brand. You need to show fantastic portfolio pieces along with your impact on the design industry. …

I’m an introvert, but it doesn’t mean I don’t network, and here is how you can do it too

human is hiding behind a pillow and a ballon
human is hiding behind a pillow and a ballon
Photo by Pexels

If you’re an introvert and you think you can’t network, you’re wrong. In Forbes's article, Kathy Caprino talks about networking for introverts. She included thoughts from Susan Cain, a recognized author, and expert on introversion.

Susan highlights how overlooked introverts are in today’s extroverted world in The Power of Introverts. She also talks about Dorie Clark in her article.

Dorie is the author of the book introverts and is an introvert in her own words, and is an outstanding example of how an introvert can build a successful network.

After reading Forbes's article and comparing it to my introvert experience…

Best app design collection of the week

smiling woman looking into a mac screen
smiling woman looking into a mac screen
Photo by Fox: Pexels

Inspiration is your trigger for designing the innovative app and web products. When you’re out of ideas, other designers' work might inspire you to create amazing concepts.

If you don't know where to start, it worth checking what other designers did already. Creative people need to see visual inspiration and be aware of what is trending now. You shouldn't steal other designers' work, but you can get inspiration from them.

This is why many designers create mood boards before they are going to design a product. Your mood board can contain multiple pictures to represent the mood and style of…

Your life quality won’t change if you start to spend less on these things

happy couple with a credit card
happy couple with a credit card
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio: Pexels

It’s so common for people to think if you spend more money, you’ll be happier. You try to buy as many things as you can. You believe products and services will make you happy. Here is the trap. The more you spend the more you need to earn. This is a road to nowhere.

Instead of thinking about your next product or service to buy, think about what you really need. Analyze your life according to your needs. There are a bunch of things you don't need to feel happy and live comfortably. Your life is simpler than you think…

Google, IBM, Microsoft design gems you need to know

ux design working process
ux design working process
Photo by Tranmautritam: Pexels

Creating a new product is a tough thing. Designers need to develop innovative solutions from scratch and include a lot of functionality. While some products might be simple, most web and app designs are complex.

The design concept can include many components, features, user scenarios. To make your idea work, it needs to be structured. When you work on a multi-platform product, it should have the same look and feel for desktop, mobile, and tablet devices.

Along with the responsive design, all elements and components should have the same size, and color on different screens or pages. Consistency is crucial…

Olha Bahaieva

Sr. UX/UI Designer @Toptal • Life Learner • She/her • I write about Design, Tech, Startups & Self Improvement. Learn about UX/UI design:

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