5 Things You Need to Remember When You Feel Love First Time

Don’t make your first feeling complicated

Love is a fantastic feeling. We all want to love and be loved. You want to find your partner and be with him until the end. It doesn’t matter how old you’re. Love is for everyone.

You can live the whole life and don’t feel real love. It is very frustrating. There might be another case when you’re very young but already found your partner. Age is nothing for real love.

We all understand love is something we can’t predict and think about it logically. But once you feel it, you’re so happy you might forget crucial life principles you use every day.

1. Don’t allow your feelings to blur your mind

Ok, so you’re in love. That’s awesome! You have the power to do so many things. You want to do tasks you were scared to start before.

If you have a job, probably all your team members will see you’re in love. You will always be an inspired person who generates ideas and is very productive.

But there is a big danger you should be ready to. Don’t allow your feelings to overwhelm you.

What is love overwhelming? In short, you feel so much inspiration, energy, the productivity you have never feel before.

In most cases, this feeling is an excellent thing because you will be happy, very productive at work, very respectful to people, etc.

But sometimes, feelings might become so powerful you can’t concentrate well. You always think about your partner. By “always,” I mean 24/7 — fanatic feeling about your partner as about superstar.

In a normal life routine, you can’t think about one thing for 24/7 (besides of emerging or life-critical situations).

But with overwhelmed feelings, you might think about love again and again.

Of course, your partner is essential, and you want to think about him all the time. But there are other important tasks, such as work, cooking, kids. So don’t forget that too.

2. Don’t lose your personality

Another vital thing to know is your personality or individuality. You’re a unique person, but when you’re in love, you might feel the influence of your partner.

What type of influence might it be? There are a lot of ways. For example, your partner wants to change something in your face or body.

Just be yourself. Real love means loving you as you are.

He wants to change your decisions or teaches you how to do XYZ. This influence is just a quick example of such an effect.

Remember that you’re as unique as your fingerprints.

Don’t mix up influence and advice. These are totally different things.

Yes, it would help if you avoided situations making your partner jealous or upset. But it doesn't mean you should become a different person.

Sure, you need to listen to your partner’s words, but it doesn’t mean you should forget your personal opinion. If you like to wear what you want, wear it. If you like the way you talk or walk, continue to do it.

3. Don’t be addicted to your partner

Don’t mix up love with fan feelings. When a star goes in the street, and you’re losing your mind and ready to do everything for the signature or to say “Hi,” you’re a fanatic person.

If you feel the same about your partner, it is time to overthink your relationships. You’re dating a human beings, not God.

Even though you are dependent on your partner, don’t be addicted to him.

Your partner might feel not comfortable with your fanatic feelings. Moreover, you can ruin your relationship. In both ways, addiction is not a familiar feeling. If you have such, delete it right now!

4. Don’t be selfish

Another point to consider is people who tend to be selfish. If you met a new person in your life, it is time to think that you’re not alone anymore.

You should listen and respect his opinion (but not lose your personality simultaneously).

If you use the word “I” all the time, replace it with “We”.

You are a couple now. You have something in common. It means forget your priority over your partner. Try to build common interests, communication, and even job interests if it fits you.

If you continue to stay selfish, your relationship will end very soon. In this case, please don’t blame your partner because it would be your fault.

5. Don’t forget to still listen to your parents

You’ve your excellent parents. All we do. So the common problem of a new lover is unusual thinking.

What is unusual thinking? If you’re young and feel the love first time, you might think that you’re so experienced you can handle all problems in your life.

If you think you have a lot of wisdom, you don’t need your parent’s opinion, you’re totally wrong.

Continue to listen to your parents because:

  • Your parents are still the ones who will never leave you (but your new partner might do that);
  • Your parents are older. They live more than you. They know more life situations than you. It means they’ve more wisdom and help to share once you need it;
  • Don’t come selfish with your parents in the same way as with your partner.
  • Remember that parents know you from your birth, and your partner knows you just a few days, weeks, or months probably.


You are in love. My congratulations! Your fantastic journey starts now. Remember that you are an inexperienced person who might trap in 5 common problems of new lovers.

I have shared five crucial things that you’d always remember during your relationship. If you analyze them and make proper decisions, your love will be happy, respectful for both of you. Love and be loved!

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